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How it works

Setting up your vPin account is an easy and straight forward process, follow these simple steps outlined below.


1. Register

Sign up for a free account

Verify Email

2. Verify Email

A verification email will be sent to you

Add Bank

3. Billing

Add your bank account for payouts

4. Security

Set your transaction Pin

5. Funding

Add funds to your wallet

6. That's it

Shop with ease online & offline

Earn With Us

You can start earning residual income when you signup on vPin by following these 3 simple steps

Get Links

Signup and complete the registration process to get your affiliate link


Share your affiliate link with friends, family and contacts

Earn Money

Earn up to 15% cashback from your referrals each time they subscribe to a premium plan

Accept Payment Online

Website owners can now accept payment online by extending our wallet service through our simple API calls

You can interact with our API to debit, credit or check member wallet by extending our wallet services on your website.

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Transfering funds from your wallet to any part of the world just got a whole lot easier. You can transact in your local currency and funds will be converted to recipient's local currency which they can withdraw to their bank account instantly


2Shopping Online

You can pay for goods and services on approved merchants sites with our easy "Pay With vPin" online payment solution for websites, shopping carts and online stores



One Pin, limitless possibilities!! from online shopping to offline remmittance, airtime, data and cable subscription, vPin remains the faster, easier and safer solution


Why We're special

vPin is a multifunctional prepaid pin distribution payment system. With vPin, you can send and receive funds directly to your bank account, buy and sell recharge cards, pay utility bills, cable subscription, make online and offline payment, and offer web wallet services.

Instant Transaction

Because vPin is a prepaid pin solution, there are no network glitches or provider service timeout that might result in false positive transactions where you are debited but the transaction was declined. The pin already contains the amount for which it was created and can only be used once.

Safe and Secure

Your financial details are protected when you use vPin, as you only need a securely generated 6 digit pin code with a compulsory OTP for any kind of transaction ranging from online payment to offline cash-back disbursement system.

Borderless Solution

Transferring money to a family member abroad? Simply create a pin for the desired amount and send to your recipient. vPin’s unique funds transfer process can cater to friends and family outside Nigeria

Buying Made Easy

"Pay With vPin" online payment solution provides a rich array of payment options to choose from, you can either pay with a generated pin code for the required amount or simply choose to debit your wallet directly through our secure channel on approved merchants' website.

Payment Authentication

OTP (One Time Password) verification is required for any transaction alongside your secured transaction pin. OTP will be sent to your registered email and phone number before finalising any transaction either online or offline.


vPin offers a 15% cash-back reward for every membership subscription that is geared towards helping you save as you spend

Become a Merchant

Individuals and physical store owners can sign up for the merchant package which gives them the rights to vend and redeem vPins like a local POS cash-back service. This as a disruptive use case can put an end to the POS-CARD era with all its inconsistencies and network glitches which in turn often results in false positive transactions where the customer is debited whereas the transaction was declined. As a vPin merchant, all vPins are already prepaid and contain their specific value and can only be redeemed once just like the mobile recharge cards we use today. vPin merchants can also fund member wallets, create and sell vPins to those who can’t create one or don’t have a vPin account, access to online banking or simply have cash at hand and can’t be bothered with going to the bank and would like to send money across to their family and friends in another country, state or city, they can walk up to a vPin merchant, purchase a vPin for any amount required and send to their beneficiary via text or phone call. In remote areas where most NYSC camps are situated, vPin merchants can redeem vPins for instant cash.

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